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  • Independent Study: Ecovet Outperforms All Other Repellents* in Both Efficacy and Duration
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    Tim John

Independent Study: Ecovet Outperforms All Other Repellents* in Both Efficacy and Duration

Watch the study results in action, and read more below:

A 2019 research study published in the Journal of Economic Entomology confirms that, in head-to-head comparisons with other fly spray products,

Ecovet is the most effective at inhibiting flies AND Ecovet lasts the longest.

 According to the study, and as illustrated by the graph above:

“All products marketed as fly repellents decline in inhibiting flies with time. Natural A [Ecovet] appeared to inhibit flies longer ... ”

The study included a wide range of commercially available repellents, including those marketed as natural and those with synthetic pyrethroids as active ingredients.

Ecovet is the only repellent that lasted more than two days, which means that ... with Ecovet, a little goes a long way.

The additional benefit of Ecovet is that it also helps improve insect-related skin sensitivity.


The natural products outperformed the synthetic (pesticide repellents) at all dilutions and times.

In a survey of horse owners, more than 80% requested more information on nontoxic pest control solutions.

“ ... Natural A [Ecovet] continued to perform at over 75% inhibition at 1 d [day] post-application, even at 50% dilution.”

See the findings for yourself by clicking on the report below:

*Of repellents included in the study: “Behavioral Inhibition of the House Fly (Diptera: Muscidae) When Exposed to Commercial Equine Fly Repellents,” Elizabeth V. Tuorinsky and Erika T. Machtinger, Journal of Economic Entomology, September 2019

Repellents studied: Natural A = Ecovet; Natural B = Equiderma; Natural C = Outsmart; Pyrethroid A = Bronco; Pyrethroid B = Endure; Pyrethroid C = Optiforce; Pyrethroid D = UltraShield Red. Quoted material is directly from the study; graphs were created by Ecovet to illustrate the study data.

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    Tim John

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