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    Ecovet Fly Spray
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        Naturally Derived. Effective.

        Welcome to Ecovet, the first fatty-acid fly repellent for horses. Tested and endorsed by veterinarians, Ecovet provides a real alternative to toxic pesticides.

        2024 Product Update:
        Ecovet Color Variation

        You may be wondering why your recently purchased Ecovet is a different color than before. Ecovet contains fatty acids, and fatty acids can vary in color. We questioned our supplier when we received our blended material this year as it was a darker coloration. We learned that depending on the supplier of fatty acids, the color can vary. Rest assured: The formula is still the same with the same effectiveness you know and love, just with a color variation. (We have been assured that our supplier will secure the lightest color material going forward.) Thank you for your support and for being a customer! Contact us about any questions you may have.

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