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A Fly Spray That ACTUALLY Works 
By, Susan Kauffmann who has been a professional in the horse industry for over three decades. The lead author of the internationally acclaimed book The Essential Hoof Book.

"After having tried just about every commercial fly spray on the market, from the hard-core to the herbal, and having also tried various homemade concoctions made from essential oils, Avon Skin-So-Soft, and so on, I was just about ready to tear my hair out in frustration, as none of them seemed to do much of anything."

Study: Ecovet Outperforms Other Repellents in Both Efficacy and Duration
"Behavioral Inhibition of the House Fly (Diptera: Muscidae) When Exposed to Commercial Equine Fly Repellents," Journal of Economic Entomology, 2019

"The natural products performed as well as or better than the synthetic products at all dilutions and times. Ecovet in particular retained over 75% inhibition of flies for >1 d at the 100 and 50% concentrations."

5 Reasons Why Ecovet Should Be Your Go-To Fly Spray This Summer
Eventing Nation, June 2018

"In the past, using a less toxic fly spray has often meant sacrificing effectiveness. Ecovet is changing the game with their unique formula ... 

"Ecovet works. ...
Ecovet is non-toxic. ...
Ecovet is long-lasting. ...
Less is more with Ecovet. ...
Top eventers trust Ecovet."

Ecovet Fly Spray Is Strong
Horse Journal, June 2014

"This fly repellent worked like no other product we have ever used."

"Ecovet literally repelled the bugs - they didn't want to be around the horse wearing Ecovet."

Product Review: Ecovet
Riding Warehouse, May 2020

"The major things that stuck out to me about this fly spray was that when I sprayed Talia off, the flies immediately fell to the ground (and I promptly squashed them) and after she was sprayed, all stomping and tail swishing subsided. I couldn’t believe how immediate the results were."

TPH Review: EcoVet Fly Spray
The Plaid Horse, April 2019

"I am happy to report that for the first time in my search there were not flies and bugs on my horse, and not just for a few minutes while it was wet, but for a few days after application. In Alaska, we jokingly refer to the mosquito as our state bird. Just like our state, the bug population is extra large. Keeping them at bay is very important to me, and EcoVet has done a wonderful job of keeping the bugs away. Also better yet, Wyatt did not have any hives after we used it."

She Moved to Texas, May 2015

"Now the important part, does it keep flies away? Yes. A thousand times yes. ... I even let a fellow boarder try some on her horse, and she said they had a great trail ride around the property without being bothered by a single fly. That’s a pretty strong statement."

Ecovet Product Review by Dr. Wendy
Driving Radio Show, Horse Radio Network, June 2015
Note: The Ecovet segment (product review and Q&A with Dr. John) begins just after minute 15.

" ... really surprised at how quickly it worked on the gnats."

In the Saddle With Dr. Tim John
Dover Saddlery Blog, June 2015

"A new, exciting fly spray is available now from Ecovet, which has us here at Dover smiling happily as our horses’ tails hang quietly and still while they graze in their paddocks."

Eco-Vet fly spray -- chemical free
Behind the Bit, June 2015

"Eco-Vet is a tad more expensive than other fly sprays, but the 'green advantage' (no pesticides on my horse) is significant enough that I'm willing to pay more."

No Landing Zone
Riding Magazine, July 2015

"Flies may not have much fun this summer thanks to Eco-Vet, a new weapon in the fight against these pests. Developed by veterinarians, Eco-Vet has a unique approach in which three naturally occurring fatty acids combine to repel flies and other insects before they land. It’s non-toxic, fast acting and long lasting."

Review: Ecovet Fly Repellent Spray
The Equine Insider, July 2015

"Whisper, being the thin-skinned Thoroughbred that she is, is highly sensitive to products. Ecovet didn't irritate her skin at all, which is always a concern." 

Ecovet Fly Spray Review
We 3 Equines, August 2015

From Ely the Thoroughbred: "I was thrilled to have a fly product that was not only very effective, but completely naturally derived. Being a Thoroughbred, not only am I sensitive to the flies themselves, but my skin cannot tolerate the harsh pesticides in most fly sprays on the market. This product greatly reduced the amount of flies in my 'bubble,' I have not had any further issues with bug sensitivity, and The Girl has not noticed any hives, bug dermatitis, or bites in my sensitive areas!"

EcoVet Fly Repellent
Decidedly Equestrian, September 2015

"For fly season, there’s really no other 'safe' option for repelling flies that works this well. ... We love EcoVet and it will be in our tack box for the rest of the fly season (which may last until the world ends here in Northern California) and every year thereafter. It is a little on the pricey side, but it’s a fine trade-off for a product that works and is healthier for horse, human and environment."

Ecovet Fly Repellent Product Review
Saddle Seeks Horse, October 2015

"The flies were so bad I applied the spray moderately all over first, covering his legs and belly a bit more liberally, and just a sprinkle on his face. Then I groomed Knight. His tail was still and he actually snoozed a bit. No flies near us. It was interesting that the flies that had previously been hovering around his face and a few crawling near his eyes vanished after the Ecovet."

Product Review: Ecovet
seijasam.com, August 2017

"Trust me, this product produces significantly better insect control than any other insecticide, natural, or homemade solution I have ever tried."


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June 2015

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