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In the News & On the Blogs

5 Reasons Why Ecovet Should Be Your Go-To Fly Spray This Summer
Eventing Nation, June 2018

"In the past, using a less toxic fly spray has often meant sacrificing effectiveness. Ecovet is changing the game with their unique formula ... 

"Ecovet works. ...
Ecovet is non-toxic. ...
Ecovet is long-lasting. ...
Less is more with Ecovet. ...
Top eventers trust Ecovet."

Ecovet Fly Spray Is Strong
Horse Journal, June 2014

"This fly repellent worked like no other product we have ever used."

"Ecovet literally repelled the bugs - they didn't want to be around the horse wearing Ecovet."

TPH Review: EcoVet Fly Spray
The Plaid Horse, April 2019

"I am happy to report that for the first time in my search there were not flies and bugs on my horse, and not just for a few minutes while it was wet, but for a few days after application. In Alaska, we jokingly refer to the mosquito as our state bird. Just like our state, the bug population is extra large. Keeping them at bay is very important to me, and EcoVet has done a wonderful job of keeping the bugs away. Also better yet, Wyatt did not have any hives after we used it."

She Moved to Texas, May 2015

"Now the important part, does it keep flies away? Yes. A thousand times yes. ... I even let a fellow boarder try some on her horse, and she said they had a great trail ride around the property without being bothered by a single fly. That’s a pretty strong statement."

Ecovet Product Review by Dr. Wendy
Driving Radio Show, Horse Radio Network, June 2015
Note: The Ecovet segment (product review and Q&A with Dr. John) begins just after minute 15.

" ... really surprised at how quickly it worked on the gnats."

In the Saddle With Dr. Tim John
Dover Saddlery Blog, June 2015

"A new, exciting fly spray is available now from Ecovet, which has us here at Dover smiling happily as our horses’ tails hang quietly and still while they graze in their paddocks."

Eco-Vet fly spray -- chemical free
Behind the Bit, June 2015

"Eco-Vet is a tad more expensive than other fly sprays, but the 'green advantage' (no pesticides on my horse) is significant enough that I'm willing to pay more."

No Landing Zone
Riding Magazine, July 2015

"Flies may not have much fun this summer thanks to Eco-Vet, a new weapon in the fight against these pests. Developed by veterinarians, Eco-Vet has a unique approach in which three naturally occurring fatty acids combine to repel flies and other insects before they land. It’s non-toxic, fast acting and long lasting."

Review: Ecovet Fly Repellent Spray
The Equine Insider, July 2015

"Whisper, being the thin-skinned Thoroughbred that she is, is highly sensitive to products. Ecovet didn't irritate her skin at all, which is always a concern." 

Ecovet Fly Spray Review
We 3 Equines, August 2015

From Ely the Thoroughbred: "I was thrilled to have a fly product that was not only very effective, but completely naturally derived. Being a Thoroughbred, not only am I sensitive to the flies themselves, but my skin cannot tolerate the harsh pesticides in most fly sprays on the market. This product greatly reduced the amount of flies in my 'bubble,' I have not had any further issues with bug sensitivity, and The Girl has not noticed any hives, bug dermatitis, or bites in my sensitive areas!"

EcoVet Fly Repellent
Decidedly Equestrian, September 2015

"For fly season, there’s really no other 'safe' option for repelling flies that works this well. ... We love EcoVet and it will be in our tack box for the rest of the fly season (which may last until the world ends here in Northern California) and every year thereafter. It is a little on the pricey side, but it’s a fine trade-off for a product that works and is healthier for horse, human and environment."

Ecovet Fly Repellent Product Review
Saddle Seeks Horse, October 2015

"The flies were so bad I applied the spray moderately all over first, covering his legs and belly a bit more liberally, and just a sprinkle on his face. Then I groomed Knight. His tail was still and he actually snoozed a bit. No flies near us. It was interesting that the flies that had previously been hovering around his face and a few crawling near his eyes vanished after the Ecovet."

Product Review: Ecovet
seijasam.com, August 2017

"Trust me, this product produces significantly better insect control than any other insecticide, natural, or homemade solution I have ever tried."


Radio Ad for Horse Radio Network
June 2015

From Our Customers

"A few months ago, I started using the Ecovet. ... I've been able to have his mane grow out; he's not getting the sores on his belly anymore; and it seems to help with the gnats." – Amy, St. Augustine, Florida

Hear more from Amy:


"Most years [Clover] has completely rubbed out her mane and tail and rubbed her face raw. ... As soon as I started using Ecovet, she seemed less frantic and wasn’t spending all of her time trying to rub. The hair has grown back on her face as well." – Jennifer (Read Clover's sweet itch Before & After story!)

"Forgetting to pack Ecovet in the trailer for trail rides is worse than forgetting the carrots!" – Cheryl via Ecovet's Facebook page

"Best product for Sweet Itch horses! We've been using the EcoVet for 2 years now - my sweet itch horse has been out of a sheet that whole time and he has a mane and no bloody areas from rubbing." – Heidi's five-star product review

"Ecovet Fly Spray has been a miracle for my donkey [Azzy] who has suffered from Sweet Itch every Spring to Fall. ... I used to dread warm weather but thanks to Ecovet we can spend time doing fun things now and its no longer a stressful time for both of us." – Lisa (Read Azzy's Before & After story)

" ... I can spray him all over and his hair doesn't fall out!!! HUGE DEAL, we LOVE this stuff!" – Michelle via Ecovet's Facebook page

"My horse was itching nonstop. I don’t know what I’d do without Ecovet!" – Kathy

"I just picked up my 2nd bottle of the season yesterday. I have some very happy horses. Let's just say it works." – Susan

"If you haven’t tried this product you should. … It really works – even on no see ums and mosquitos." – Stacey

“My pony used to get sweet itch but since using Ecovet for the last two months, so far so good, he hasn’t rubbed his mane and tail off.” – Lori

" ... mosquitos used to cover my [horse's] body on trail rides and now they are gone!!!" – Jane via Ecovet's Facebook page

"I absolutely love this product! It works great. The horses seem to be very happy that the flies are not bothering like they were." – Pam's five-star product review 

"The simple act of spraying a few spritzes on your horse also clears your work area and cross ties of pests for the day. While the smell is unusual, it’s not offensive, and definitely effective." – Liv (Read the full testimonial)

"IT WORKS GREAT!!! I use one application a day (unless he is bathed) and have found no need to constantly reapply as is needed with other products." – Yvette's five-star product review

"I want to thank you for this product. I have a horse with sweet itch and other allergies. As she ages she gets more reactive. No fly spray has given her the relief that Ecovet has. I was going to use it on just her - we have multiple horses - but it works so well I use it on all of them. I only spray them 2 or three times a day. They live outside and I can see them out peacefully grazing - not stomping their feet or swishing their tails.... They only go in when it is too hot now...not to hide from the flies! Thank you again!" – Susan 

Via the Ecovet Facebook page 

By Mina,
“I won your eco-vet fly spray prize pack. I wanted to check in and let you know how it was working. I just want to say it's the best fly spray I've ever used! Not a single thing touches my gelding. He's so sensitive to bugs I have a hard time riding him because he's so busy trying to swat flies that he can't pay attention. I've tried everything there is and nothing seems to work. I used your fly spray while riding and he's a completely different horse. I've had the best rides all spring/summer on him since switching to
your fly spray. He's calm and attentive. He used to run the gate in the field to come in he was so bothered. Not any more. He's content to graze all day! Everyone at my barn is impressed. I'm totally switching over for good! Thanks so much! Your fly spray has made a huge difference for me and my
young gelding!”

"without his daily spray of Ecovet, the biting bugs he is allergic to are on the attack which triggers an endless cycle of scratching til his skin is raw and oozing! This is our third year of using Ecovet and it is a superior and effective bug repellant product. Shadow thanks you very much!" – Mary

"Ecovet is the only product that actually keeps the biting bugs away. My mare, Maggie, is highly allergic to No-See-Ums (Culicoides). The bites make her very itchy and she rubs out her mane and tail. Since discovering Ecovet last year, Maggie is finally growing the long mane and tail that an Arabian should have. Maggie and I thank you, Ecovet! But the little biting midges would like for you to stop making such a great product!" – Sheri

"My horse has suffered from terrible sweet itch until her mom discovered Ecovet. Every summer she would rub the skin on her face, neck, belly, and chest completely raw and it wouldn't matter what I put on her. Last summer we used Ecovet after hearing about it on the Horse Radio Network and she didn't have any issues. We're looking forward to another wonderful, itch free summer!" – Averie

"...it's the only fly spray he will tolerate! He really hates the chemicals' smells and burning and itching that the others cause. And Ecovet does a great job of keeping the pests away! Thank you Ecovet and my horse thanks you too!" – Rhonda

"This product works!!! 2 of my OTTBs get gnat bites horribly under their belly. So much so that I'm afraid without daily cleaning they could become infected. This product keeps the gnats away!! It is awesome!" – Angela

"Ecovet is the only spray on the market that keeps the biting buffalo gnats, mosquitoes and flies from biting her and giving her hives" – Carshon

"it's the only fly spray that works for my horses sensitive skin & since he lives out 24/7 he needs all the protection he can get!" – Jennifer

"With the ticks being 10x worse than last year I want my mare and gelding free from ticks and bugs/flies !... I rely on Ecovet!" – Robin

"It is by far the only spray that works for flys and these huge mosquitos that we have here in Texas !!" – Taylor

"It is the only fly spray that works! It also last a long time and you don't have to use a lot" – Lori

"Our 28 year old gelding loses weight every summer because of the flies. He stays in his shelter more to get away from them. He eats less, doesn't want to go into the pasture to eat grass. With your spray the flys stay off ALOT longer. Thus enabling him to enjoy his day more." – Sue

"Besides keeping the flies away it also makes my horse smell sensational for all the ladies!! He loves it as much as I do!" – Kim

"My horse has sweet itch and this is the ONLY insect spray that works!!" – Laura

"without Ecovet his sweet itch is so bad and he rubs his hair off. It's the only one of it's kind." – Lisa

Via SmartPak

Jackie19 from Pensacola, FL
Fly Spray That Actually Works!
July 26th, 2017
5/5 Stars
Quality: 5/5
Value: 5/5 
“Our farm is sandwiched between a cattle operation and a field full of goats! We have loads of flies and biting bugs. We are also in a very hot, humid climate. Most days it is just buggy and disgusting. I purchased Ecovet Fly Repellent figuring it would work for 5 minutes like most fly sprays. Boy, was I wrong! This stuff is great and works all night. My horses get about 4 sprays before evening turnout and this keeps them happy and bug free. My new fly spray for life!” 

Seefah from Madison, WI
Finally a fly spray that actually works! Bravo.  
July 24th, 2017
5/5 Stars
Quality: 5/5
Value: 5/5 
“The horseflies are killers this year in the Midwest. We have had a ton of rain & the bugs near our marsh & woods torture our horses. Until now nothing worked for more than a few minutes. I sprayed Beau at 9pm. When I returned to get Beau from an open field at 9am the next day he was bug free, grazing comfortably. No more open bloody bites & the flies were not landing on him. Be sure and read the directions carefully! This is no ordinary fly spray. It smells pleasant too! Stock up:-)”

Hmcdressage from York, ME
Seriously Works!
July 22nd, 2017
5/5 Stars
Quality: 5/5
Value: 5/5
“Alot of people claim their bug sprays work... this one actually does! We have the worst case of horse and deer flies at my barn and they won't even bother my horse when he wears this stuff! It's the difference between him hiding in the shed or happily grazing mid day!” 

Michelletjk from Idaho
It Really Works!
July 18th, 2017
5/5 Stars
Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5
“We live down the road from a dairy and they must breed super flies there because nothing works to repel them, until now! Ecovet is the only product that keeps the flies off our horses, even the sensitive OTTB isn't stomping and swishing at flies! It does smell very strong but I don't think it's as awful smelling as some of the reviews are saying it is and definitely worth it! I've paid more for products that didn't work and it lasts longer than the cheap fly sprays, and it works!”

Ninafancy from Chicago, IL
Finally – a non-toxic spray that works!
June, 2017
5/5 Stars
Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5
“I am so happy to finally have found a non-toxic fly spray that works. It is as effective as the other fly sprays I have with pyrethrins and now I don't worry about what the chemicals are doing to both me, my kids, my horses, and the environment. And I'm not sure why other reviewers are put off by the smell. It really doesn't bother me at all. I spray it inside the barn with no issues.”

Gravel Road Mom from Kansas
Best Product Available Now.
June, 2017
5/5 Stars
Quality: 5/5
Value: 5/5
“This stuff works!! Apply it as directed then sit back and watch (or ride) one very, very happy horse. After two of my horses were harmed by Farnam Bronco Gold I was leery of another new fly spray. EcoVet did not disappoint or harm my horses”

Kathleen from California
Amazing Fly Spray!
May, 2017
5/5 Stars
Quality: 5/5
Value: 5/5
“I received a sample of this fly spray and tried it with a hopeful and open mind. It is amazing! It is completely different than traditional fly sprays. The flys hate this stuff! You have to spray it your horse a little differently than the other fly sprays. Spray it directly on the area you want it. Don't spray in large circles, fanning the spray around like before. My horse is in irrigated pasture 24/7 and it can get very buggy out there. A problem for my horse has been bites on his front legs, with bleeding in some cases. Now no bites at all. I spray it very closely along the sides, back and front of legs and with a cloth to his face. A direct line along the middle of the belly and no fly parties down there. Love it!”

ST17 from Louisiana
Best protection for my dark horse.
May, 2017
5/5 Stars
Quality: 5/5
Value: 2/5
“My horse detests the odor of the top rated fly sprays. I ordered Ecovet to try. My horse had 5 horses in her face. After wiping her face with a paper towel the flies stayed away. She actually likes the fragrance and doesn't try to run while I'm applying like she does with other brands.

5/5 stars
One spray a day and virtually fly free
"After reading the reviews I decided to give it a try. Yes it has a strong peculiar odor. My horses don't seem to mind. I spray it outside of the barn and stand upwind. You get used to the smell. But the important thing is it works! I'm in the heat and humidity in south Texas. I spray very lightly on the horses legs and bellies. No flys! It's pricey but you use such a small amount of the product I suspect the cost turns out to be the same or less expensive than traditional fly sprays."

5/5 stars
Good For Sensitive Skin
"Ecovet Repellent was recommended for my horse bc regular repellents and "natural" repellents gave him swellings and rashes. So far, this fly spray has worked well. It has a strong odor and a fine mist (so be careful if you're down wind) and seems to work well."

5/5 stars
Love this fly repellent!!
"I have a grey horse and he is super sensitive to flys. This has been the only repellent that works so far. You do need to make sure and spray in an open air space because the spray lingers and it's difficult to breath and the smell is really strong.

"I have used this for a few years and it is a great help to my mare who suffers from sweet itch. I'm so glad Smartpak is now carrying it!"

5/5 stars
Beats TX bugs!
"I have used every fly spray available over the past few years trying to keep flies, gnats, mosquitoes, etc off my horses. This one works! It uses fatty acids that cling to the coat making it longer lasting and more effective. To test it, I sprayed one horse with it and his pasture mate with one of the commonly used name brand product. For three days in TX heat, the horse sprayed with Ecovet had very few flies around him and no bug bite marks. The other horse had to be repeatedly sprayed to keep flies away. The second horse had bite marks as well as bot fly eggs on his legs. It does have a very strong smell, so don't breathe it in. I do have some tips on how best to use.... 1. Don't spray it inside an enclosed space (i.e. barn or trailer). 2. Stay upwind when spraying. It will cling to your body hair just like it does to the horse. 3. Don't overspray. You need about half as much spray as you think."

5/5 stars
The BEST fly spray EVER!!
"I bought this fly spray after trying several other non-toxic ones. My horse is allergic to everything, including permethrin, so I was curious if this would work,better than the herbal ones I was entertaining flies with. It is seriously mind blowing. I sprayed it on and IMMEDIATELY there were NO INSECTS near him. Even DAYS later, none. I have barely used 1/8 of the bottle, I only spray his legs, chest and belly 1-2x a week. He's untouched by flies and other insects. It's got a strange smell, like melted crayons maybe. And you REALLY don't want to spray inside. I spray outside and immediately move to a new area because it does tickle the threat and my horse blows his nose a lot if we stay near it. But once it's on, it's good! I've been telling EVERYONE about EcoVet, buying small sizes as gifts and I plan to use it forever!"

5/5 stars
Safe for horse and rider and it works!
I have a mare that is not only allergic to what seems like every flying insect, but also any fly spray that I would put on her. This one is different. First she is not allergic to it and secondly it works differently than the others and is not full of toxic pesticides. It was also created by a group of veterinarians at Pilchuk Veterinary Hospital in Washington. The best thing of all though is that it works. I would recommend putting it on out of the barn and in the open air. It has a very potent smell while misting on you horse.

5/5 stars
Barb, Wisconsin
This stuff works!
"My horses have allergies to flies, gnats and repellent fly sprays, so have been using essential oil type sprays and gels with not much relief. Then I bought Ecovet! I only need a little bit on legs and underbelly to keep the flies away. Yes, the smell is different - like melting crayons - but it works on flies and gnats and even, to a degree, on horseflies and deer-flies. Because this is applied to the lower parts of the horse's body it does not easily get washed away in the rain. Worth the price!"

5/5 stars
Dressageponies, Rochester, MA
Keeps the flies off!
"This is the best product I have used for keeping away the nasty little flies that are so abundant in September! They simply do not land where it gets sprayed! Wonderful product that I will not be without."

4/5 stars
VB Pony Girl, Virginia Beach, VA, United States
Working for Sweet Itch on tail
"Well, I started a really heavy spray of this every evening on my horses tail a few weeks ago as he suffers from sweet itch every summer and the hair is growing back so it really must repel the tiny midges. I didn't rate it 5 stars because honestly the smell of the stuff makes me gag. I have to hold my breath with my hand over my mouth. It's awful. But it's working. Can't wait to try it for a full summer season, even tho it's pricey."

5/5 stars
TMcMahon, Cathlamet, WA, United States
Works well for sensitive horse!
"Although some reviews found this spray rather "smelly" I didn't find it offensive AND my fly spray sensitive horse didn't react to it! Also, seemed to work as good as my chemical spray (which I used on my other mare to compare effectiveness)! A real win win in my book!!!"

5/5 stars
raimie, colebrook, ct
"i was skeptical initially, concerned about the scent ( form other descriptions/reviews) but took the plunge. and am more than thrilled! i spray bellas' legs only, keeps her from stomping and her chest, keeps her from trying to swat at pests when we are working. i don't even mind the smell, it disappears quickly yet the repellent seems to continue to work for many hours. she is turned out with other mares and seems to be the only horse that isn't stomping or having gnat clouds around her!"

5/5 stars
sunny, Colorado, United States
Excellent & Long Lasting!
"This is the most effective and longest lasting fly spray I have found! Plus, it keeps his coat soft. I will be purchasing more and I highly recommend it!!"

5/5 stars
Joanne, VA, United States
This works!
"I ordered a small spray bottle to try this out. Ecovet is indeed different than anything else I have used. I have been using only natural sprays for years now, Flicks being my favorite, but decided to try this. The smell is not as bad to me as others have commented, but it does make me choke if I breath in the spray, so I hold my breath and move away as quickly as I can. However, it does NOT seem to bother my horse and she minds LESS being sprayed with this than the other sprays. Perhaps it is because she knows it works. She is a pretty smart horse! Also, it's so nice not having to spray a lot on, just mist, and the flies are GONE! Just ordered a gallon. It is expensive, but it lasts much longer than any other products, and the flies hate it. That's a WIN."

5/5 stars
Susan, Virginia, United States
Best fly spray I have ever bought.
"I bought this fly spray and it really works. The smell is a little strange but I prefer it to the fly's. I have recently ordered more."

5/5 stars
Duck, Washington, United States
The one product my mare is NOT allergic too
"I have a mare that seems to be allergic to everything, and I know this as I have tried every kind of fly repellent you can think of including skin so soft. Every single one of them she was allergic too that is until Ecovet. I always make sure I am outside when I spray this as it can be a bit over powering but that is the only downside of this product. It works amazingly well and no allergic reaction in my mare."

5/5 stars
Grammylvshorses, Reynoldsburg, OH, United States
Great stuff!
"I bought a bottle to try out before trying a gallon. I have to say it does seem to do a good job. I don't find that the smell is bad but it is strong. The most important thing which is that it works is true."

5/5 stars
brooke5961, Virginia
Works great!
"This keeps flies away better than any other fly repellent I've tried, including chemical and natural alternatives. It smells like crayons, but I don't consider that a negative, just kind of amusing. Would recommend this to anyone. Love it." 

5/5 stars
Laura S, Maple Park, IL, United States
Amazing fly repellent
"I have used Eco Vet for over 2 years. One of my horses has sweet itch and this product is a life saver. The flies & gnats act "confused", if they get near they look drunk and fly away. Love this stuff! It is a bit pungent but that's a small price to pay."

Via Dover Saddlery

4/5 stars
Most effective bug spray
September 8, 2016
Maydawn from Virginia, USA
"This is a completely different bug spray, and after using it for a few months I am pleased with how effective it is against biting flies and mosquitos. It really works! The only reason I didn't give it an excellent overall rating is the smell. It's really overpowering, and it sprays such a fine mist that almost suspends in the air, so you have to be really careful about how you apply it - breathing it in is nasty. However, it really holds up a few few days, so although it is a bit more expensive for the volume, you apply it less often."

5/5 stars
best repellant I have used
July 1, 2016
Gail from East Windsor Ct
"My horse is really goofy about bugs. When I use Ecovet, everyone else is complaining but we are bug free. I put a spritz on my helmet as well. I was concerned that I might have to use another product to manage ticks but she seems to have far fewer tick bites that usual when I use Ecovet. Fabulous product !"

5/5 stars
June 3, 2016
FoxWoods from Madison, WI, USA
"Bought this last year as a trial and on the recommendation of a professional colleague. I pulled it out when the flies got really bad in the late summer and fall. Was the only thing that kept the flies off my horses, and the horses happy. I used it sparingly and a little does go a long way. It does have a distinct odor to it, but you don't need to create a cloud over and around your horse with it. My horses did not sneeze with it or react any other way, but I also don't spray their face directly with it. I will buy it again!"

5/5 stars
The ONLY fly spray that actually works!!
October 13, 2015
Dottie from Warwick, NY 10990, USA
"I have tried many fly sprays on my QH/Paint gelding. My goal was to stay away from the sprays containing harsh chemicals as they make my horse's skin flake. The essential oil sprays don't work for long so I tried Eco-Vet. The Eco-Vet product was outstanding! I do a lot of trail riding through the woods and also have to check fence lines and livestock on the farm and the flies/mosquitoes are NOT a problem! I was shocked. It is the ONLY spray that I will purchase. I applied it just once a day with good results. TOTALLY worth it!" Best used for: trail/working horse

5/5 stars
Best fly spray I've ever used
August 27, 2015
FalconFarm from Raleigh, NC, USA
"I have two thin-skinned redheads, and this product works GREAT for stable flies and midges. I do think it smells horrible, as others have complained. I used to hold my breath when I applied it, but I have found by changing the way I apply it, it is both more effective and less offensive

Many people apply spray to their horses and envelope them in a cloud. Ecovet works by making it harder for biting insects to "see" the horse. If I hold the sprayer closer to the coat, less product gets airborn, less is wasted, and I inhale less. In fact, I hardly notice the odor if I apply it that way. I still don't spray it around my horses' faces though, since I do think it can be irritating to the airway if a big whiff is inhaled."

5/5 stars
little goes a long ways and works on no-see-ums too
April 8, 2015
-don't have to use very much at all
-works about 2-3 full days
-works on no-see-ums and mosquitoes too
-put a little in stall area and on my own belt area only and that worked. Minuses:
-smells different but not bad
-a little oily so I just keep it off my hands"

5/5 stars
This non toxic product keeps flies and gnats from landing
March 27, 2015
Toni from northern california
"I have a horse and a burro who are allergic to gnats, break out in sores and are then eaten alive by flies. My vet recommended this product. I was pleased to see that flies don't land and the sores heal up indicating that the gnats are repelled as well."

Via Chewy

By Seefah
Finally an equine fly spray that actually works and lasts for hours & hours!!!
July 24th, 2017
5/5 Stars
“Triple Wow!! The horse fly's are killers in WI this year. Nothing keep them from chewing up my horses flesh! Horrible bug situation near the marsh & woods. I could not believe my eyes when I went out to get my horse 12 hours later & he was comfortable & bug free. The flies landed but quickly flew off to find a more receptive host. Be sure & read the directions carefully. Spray legs & lower body. Keep mist away from ears & eyes. Also wear gloves while spraying. Not too much of a problem to take precaution's with a great product that actually works! Bravo” 

By Mary
Works differently, but really works!
July 31st, 2017
5/5 Stars
“Check out the company's video instructions as this spray operates on different principles than other repellents. It provides immediate relief and is economical when directions are followed. I spray it on a cloth and wipe on the horses, and everyone is happy but the flies!”

By Debbie65
Best Fly Spray Ever
May 29th, 2017
5/5 Stars
“I have a Tennessee Walking Horse who suffers every year from fly bite allergies and sweet itch. This is the only product that works to keep him comfortable and hive and itch free. I've tried every product out there including home made repellents and this one truly works.”

By Laurie
Amazing Product
June 1st, 2017
5/5 Stars
“Was recommended me to my friend and I bought it to try it. My horse had bad allergies to the bugs in FL and this has helped so much with keeping them off and with his itching.” 

By Shamrock
Great Stuff
May 22nd, 2017
5/5 Stars
“It works especially for horses that are sensitive to petroleum products . I only have to put it on every 2 or 3 days . And we have a lot of flies and mosquitoes.”

Via Amazon

By Dave S.
The Fly Spray That We Have Been Waiting For……….
July 17, 2016
5/5 Stars
“This works better than most over the counter fly sprays. I own 4 horses and have tried just about everything possible. Normally I get this directly from Ecovet, but just found it here on Amazon. If your horse has sweet itch, this is the stuff you need, it works and it works very well. The instruction are very explicit on application to your horse (so follow them). I've found that when sprayed right before morning turn out, they can go just about all day without the gnats bothering them (same for Green Headed Flies). If you really need to test this stuff, spray one horse with ecovet and another with anything that you have, then turn them out together and watch what happens.”

By Carolyn Boesse
Fabulous at Fighting Flies!
May 23rd, 2017
5/5 Stars
“I purchased Ecovet in April 2017 and have been using it exclusively since then. Central Texas flies, mosquitos, gnats, etc are horrific! I have used almost every traditional fly spray using toxic chemicals and pesticides as well as non-toxic formulas. None have worked as well as Ecovet. One of my horses is typically plagued by bot fly eggs but after spraying him with Ecovet there has not been any bot eggs.
Some thoughts on Ecovet:
1. I typically only fly spray the horses 2-3 times a week versus everyday with other products.
2. Fewer sprays of Ecovet are needed to effectively shield the horse.
3. Yes, it has a fairly heavy odor. Just don't spray it in the barn and stay up wind of it.
4. The price 'seems' high but in the long run it is much cheaper and much for effective.
5. If you're reading this you're fed up with traditional sprays and want something that works. Give it a try”

By Flint5292
We use it on all 22 of our equine.
July 6th, 2016
5/5 Stars
“Ecovet works as well as other fly sprays, but without the nasty chemicals! It is made of fatty acids, which is very effective on the flies, but so natural that it won't harm honeybees! I feel so much better using this product on our horses rather than harmful chemicals. It does have to be reapplied if it rains, but this gives me a good excuse to go out and spend more time with the horses. Great product!”

By Wisconsin-Midwest
Belly and top of the neck every 2nd to 3rd day and it is working great.
June 15, 2017
5/5 Stars
“In all the years I have had horses, the only fly repellent I ever had faith in over long term was WIPE as it is oil based so it has a residual effect. After trying a small bottle of ECOVET on three horses, I have switched over completely to this. Just ordered the gallon jug. I followed the directions and just spritz on legs, belly and top of neck every 2nd to 3rd day and it is working great. I had read that you have to get used to the smell, but I didn't find it that strong and it is a pleasant smell, similar to essential oils.”

Love This Product
June 9th, 2017
5/5 Stars
“This is the most effective repellent for flies and mosquitos I have found. Not sure why hula dancer's review talked about greasy on skin - watch the video and apply it sparingly. I spray some on my hat and shoes to go hiking and it works great! Also spray on a towel and leave by hot tub at the lake and it keeps the mosquitos away. Almost all friends who come over notice the smell but are not at all repulsed by it. (I don't actually use it on a horse at all) Lasts a very long time too!!”

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