Hear what Ecovet ambassadors have to say about our fly spray for horses. More videos are on the way, so please check back soon! 

Lila Gendal
1* event rider, Vermont

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"Ecovet offers the most effective fly spray on the market. I have been riding, competing and training horses for over fifteen years, and I've struggled finding a brand that actually works. I think I've tried every fly spray that's available, but nothing even compares to Ecovet fly spray! My favorite part about this particular spray is how easy it is to use, and how long lasting it is. I have a very sensitive skinned Connemara x, who gets giant welts on his belly from black flies, but with Ecovet, the flies and insects really do stay away! I highly recommend this fly spray because it's affordable, it smells really good, it's easy to use, the ingredients are natural, and it actually works!" – Lila Gendal

Jennifer McFall
Dragonfire Farm, California

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"Our facility is right next to a cow farm, so we get more than our fair share of flies! We’ve tried dozens on different fly sprays, and I’ve never found anything that works like Ecovet does. Their non-toxic fatty acid formula is completely unique to the fly control market, and it keeps our horses happy and comfortable so we can leave them outside longer, even in peak fly season!" – Jennifer McFall

Bobby and Danica Meyerhoff
Meyerhoff Show Horses, North Carolina

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"It takes a really good fly spray to beat the flies down here in the North Carolina humidity, and Ecovet is as good as it gets! We have never seen this few flies around the barn at this time of year, and because of how long-lasting Ecovet is, we don’t need to spray the horses nearly as often as we used to. Ecovet is a game changer!" – Bobby and Danica Meyerhoff 

Allison Springer
Four-star event rider, trainer and coach, Virginia 

"I’ve tried so many different fly sprays over the years, and I’ve always struggled to find one that’s really as effective as it’s billed to be. But I've been so impressed by how efficient and effective Ecovet is at keeping the flies from biting, and even more impressed that it does so without using toxic chemicals! I can’t believe no one has come up with this sooner. I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know!" – Allison Springer

Hannah Croteau
Professional dressage trainer, Maine


"We have the worst case of horse flies I have ever seen up here in Maine! Ecovet has been the only fly spray to make a difference for Leo! I now have a horse that can stay out happily all day in the peak of fly season! Even his stall is fly free with just a couple sprays! I have recommended it to all of my clients, it truly is remarkable and the best news? It's non-toxic! I recommend everyone give it a try and watch what a difference it will make for your horse!"– Hannah Croteau

Tracey Hill
Dressage trainer, Northern California  


"I really can't believe how well this fly spray works, I've never had anything this effective!! ... It's truly a top of the line product!!" – Tracey Hill

Seija Samoylenko
Event rider, Eleazer Davis Farm, Massachusetts


"I'd reached the point that I no longer purchased conventional insect sprays. I could not justify spending money on products that didn't work. Ecovet is the first fly spray I’ve found that works as advertised. Be warned: Ecovet requires you to change your life-long habits around fly spray. No longer do you spray constantly and often -- it’s the the only fly spray needs a single application per day (or less!). Switching to Ecovet saves time, saves money, and means less harmful waste. It’s a win-win-win solution for me and my horses." – Seija Samoylenko

Jennifer Wooten
ICP Level 3 Instructor, Trinity Eventing, California


Rebecca Barber
Event rider, Charlottesville, Virginia

"It is actually one of the few fly sprays that I feel comfortable using on a regular basis. I actually went through a period of time where I was reluctant to use any fly spray, due to having a horse with extremely sensitive skin. I love that it does not cause my mare to break out and I do not feel as though it dries out her skin. I ride quite a few sensitive skinned horses and for awhile I have been somewhat cynical of many of the fly sprays on the market. I feel as though most of them either don’t work or they dry out/irritate the horse’s skin. Ecovet is the first fly spray that I can depend on. With Ecovet I have noticed a significant decrease in the number of flies, which means that my horses are quieter and happier both under saddle and in turnout. I couldn’t be happier with Ecovet!" – Rebecca Barber

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