About Us

My fellow veterinarians and I at Pilchuck Veterinery Hospital are committed to providing the best in health care for our animal friends.  We also are committed to the credo "First do no harm".  It can be a challenge in our branch of medicine to find effective, less toxic alternatives to traditional medications due to the huge cost of development associated with bringing these products to market.  As veterinarians we see a multitude of problems caused by or made worse by poor fly control.  In 2012 we were fortunate to develop a relationship with a manufacturer that was looking to test new low toxicity insect control product.  Our first formulations of that product got us excited about the possibilities of creating a new way of protecting our equine friends.  We continued to refine our product with lots of help and input from local clients and horses.  In early 2014 we were pleased to release our improved scent/sprayer combination and it was received as a dramatic improvement.

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