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  • An Improved Scent, Sprayer for Ecovet
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    Tim John

An Improved Scent, Sprayer for Ecovet

Ecovet, the fly repellent that offers a biorational (less toxic) approach to protecting your equine friend from pests, now boasts an improved sprayer and scent based on feedback from customers and testers.

Veterinarian Tim John, Ecovet founder and CEO, reports that the new sprayer allows for a larger spray droplet and less mist for more efficient coverage.

The updated scent has hints of sage and lavender, and was overwhelmingly the top choice among Ecovet testers. (The classic scent is no longer available.)

Before Ecovet, there were two main choices for protecting horses from pests: 1) toxic pesticides or 2) essential oils, which offer limited effectiveness. Instead of dousing horses with toxic chemicals, horse owners are opting for Ecovet’s proprietary mixture of naturally occurring fatty acids.

Ecovet is effective on many types of flies, ticks and lice. (The fatty acids confuse and overwhelm an insect’s normal directional ability, so it is unable to locate an Ecovet-sprayed horse as its next victim.) Additionally, Ecovet has clinically shown improvement for horses with difficult-to-treat sweet itch problems. Ecovet is supported by a group of veterinarians who use the product on their own horses.

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    Tim John

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