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    Tim John

New Scent Is Here!

Just in time for another dreaded fly season, Ecovet fly repellent for horses now has an improved scent based on customer feedback.

Ecovet founder and veterinarian Dr. Tim John describes the new fragrance as an "herbal blend of lavender with a hint of tea."


A totally different type of fly spray, Ecovet is not a pyrethrin/pyrethroid derivative, nor is it an essential oil product. Instead, Ecovet's formulation is 5% each of three different food-grade fatty acids, 84% volatile silicone oil and 1% fragrance. After Ecovet is applied, the three fatty acids evaporate at different rates and create a vapor barrier around the horse. This barrier prevents insects from locating the horse as a potential victim by confusing and overwhelming the bugs' normal directional ability, their "GPS." 

"For our new fragrance formulation, the challenge was to find something that blends nicely with the inherently musky scent of natural fatty acids. We tested many things, but we believe this new herbal blend is a game changer!" explains Dr. John.

The new scent does not impact Ecovet's well-known effectiveness in the battle against flies. 

Ecovet protects horses from flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks and lice. Ecovet also improves insect-related skin sensitivity by stopping bugs from finding and landing on horses in the first place. "If a horse isn't bitten, there's less chance for hypersensitivity, aka the dreaded sweet itch," says Dr. John.

An EPA-registered product, Ecovet comes in an 18-oz. bottle and 1-gal. refill, as well as a travel size. Horse owners can look for Ecovet containers with gold "new scent" labels to try the updated fragrance.


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    Tim John

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