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  • Before and After: Clover's Story
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    Tim John

Before and After: Clover's Story

Why Ecovet?

Reason #5: Has clinically shown improvement for horses with difficult-to-treat sweet itch problems (hypersensitivity reaction to midge bites).

Today, we’re pleased to share Clover’s Ecovet story, as told by owner Jennifer Johns:

"Clover is a 17-year-old (give or take) draft cross mare who has suffered every year with sweet itch. Most years she has completely rubbed out her mane and tail and rubbed her face raw. She spent most of the warm months covered in different fly sprays and ointments with no relief. As you can see from the before picture, she would rub her face until it bled. In the past, the only way for her to get any relief has been with steroids.

"This year, fly season started off about the same … trying everything and anything to keep her from scratching and rubbing. I discovered Ecovet late in the year, so she had already rubbed her mane and forelock off but she hadn’t rubbed her tail down to skin. As soon as I started using Ecovet, she seemed less frantic and wasn’t spending all of her time trying to rub. The hair has grown back on her face as well. “I’m excited to see how next year’s fly season goes because I’ll be able to use Ecovet right from the start."

Thank you for sharing, Jennifer! All the best to you and Clover.

Do you and your horse have an Ecovet story to share? Email us at info@eco-vet.com.

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    Tim John

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