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  • Before and After: Azzy's Story
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    Tim John

Before and After: Azzy's Story

Thanks so much to Lisa for sharing her donkey's before-and-after Ecovet story! We are happy Azzy has found some relief from sweet itch with Ecovet.

"Ecovet Fly Spray has been a miracle for my donkey who has suffered from Sweet Itch every Spring to Fall. As you can see from the before picture, he wore a fly mask, hood, sheet, leg wraps and even hoof boots because he would chew and rub almost his whole body. He had sores all over his belly that needed daily washing and medicating. After trying Ecovet (thanks to a FB group) he has a full mane and tail, a hairy healthy belly and does not need ANY fly protection at all. I used to dread warm weather but thanks to Ecovet we can spend time doing fun things now and its no longer a stressful time for both of us."

-- Lisa M. in Connecticut

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    Tim John

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