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    Tim John

Ecovet Love From a Professional Groom

We were so pleased to receive this wonderful feedback about Ecovet fly spray from the good folks at ProEquineGrooms.com:

"As a professional Groom, I understand the importance of reliable fly control measures at the barn. Insects and flies can transmit disease, cause skin reactions, and create an uncomfortable environment for you and your horse. Eco-Vet Fly Repellent addresses all of these issues with ingredients that are safe and reliable. The naturally derived fatty acids create an invisible barrier on your horses, insects are fooled into believing your horse is not really there!

"The simple act of spraying a few spritzes on your horse also clears your work area and cross ties of pests for the day. While the smell is unusual, it’s not offensive, and definitely effective. I also appreciate that Eco-Vet invested in EPA approval for this revolutionary and effective way to combat flies and insects at the barn!"

(If you're interested in equine grooming/clipping ... or anything horse-related at all, really ... ProEquineGrooms.com is a fun and informative resource. Check it out!)

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    Tim John

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