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  • Here's a Fly We Actually Like!
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    Tim John

Here's a Fly We Actually Like!

Many thanks to Mina for sharing her experience using Ecovet on her aptly named gelding, Fly:


"[I]t's the best fly spray I've ever used! Not a single thing touches my gelding. He's so sensitive to bugs I have a hard time riding him because he's so busy trying to swat flies that he can't pay attention.

"I've tried everything there is and nothing seems to work. I used your fly spray while riding and he's a completely different horse. I've had the best rides all spring/summer on him since switching to your fly spray. He's calm and attentive. He used to run the gate in the field to come in he was so bothered. Not anymore. He's content to graze all day! Everyone at my barn is impressed."

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    Tim John

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