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How to Apply Ecovet

Ecovet is an entirely different kind of fly spray – and you also apply it in a different way. To help you and your horse make the flies get lost, we created the video below:


With traditional fly products, you spray until the horse is soaked. Ecovet is different. With our new solution, less is more. Ecovet is long-lasting, so you'll typically only need to apply it every one to three days.

Because Ecovet is so effective and you use less per application than you do with traditional sprays, your trusty bottle of Ecovet goes a looooong way. 

  • To apply Ecovet, you spray the horse's legs, tummy and a little on the top of the head. Apply with care around the eyes and ears.
  • You also want to spray with the bottle closer to the horse's body. This creates less fine mist, which can sometimes be annoying for your horse.
  • Apply outdoors or in an open aisle-way – it can be a strong scent in a closed space. To avoid spraying yourself, stand upwind when applying outdoors. You can also use a soft cloth or mitt.
  • Ecovet works best on dry horses, so don't use it on a just-washed or super-sweaty horse.
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    Tim John

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